The Philatelic Society for Greater Southern Africa  


Transvaal 5 pound stamp
Membership includes a subscription to the Society’s journal Forerunners. Membership fees are US$20 for the digital version of Forerunners PLUS US$5 for USA mailing addresses and US$10 for Canadian addresses and US$15 for all other addresses if you want the printed version.
Those that join before July 1 will receive the complete back issues for that year. Thereafter annual renewals occur in August and are due by September 1.

If sending in dues by mail, please provide funds in US$ either in currency or a check on a USA bank account made out to “PSGSA.” Mail all payments to:
David McNamee, PSGSA Treasurer, 15 Woodland Dr, Alamo, CA 94507, USA.

Paypal to is also acceptable, but please add US$1 extra to cover part of the PayPal fees we must pay to use the service or send funds as “Family & Friends” for free.
For some overseas members, it might be more advantageous to send in dues for two or more years to avoid the annual conversion fees.

Download the Membership Application form.

Society Flyer

Download the Society Flyer - PDF in colour (275KB).
Download the Society Flyer - PDF black and white (250KB).